Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Frederic Kanoute, Sevilla

Frederic Kanoute Muslim Footballer


           Frederic Kanoute is a muslim footballer and born on 2 September 1977. He currently plays for Sevilla FC and known by his pace, strength, and technique. Kanoute and his wife live in Seville, Spain with their three children. 

He refused to wear a Sevilla shirt bearing the name of club sponsor 888.com, due to the fact the website is used for gambling, which is against the principles of Islam. This meant that the club had to give him a brand-free jersey every match. 

In 2007, Kanoute paid more than 700,000 USD out of his pocket to buy a mosque in Seville.

On 7 January 2009, he scored against Deportivo la Coruna and lifted his jersey to show the word "Palestine". Kanoute's action, which has been interpreted as a response to Israel's recent attacks on Gaza that have killed nearly 700 people, was met with a yellow card from referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz.
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